Sitecore :
more than just a Content Management System

Technology is evolving at an astonishing speed and content management
systems are no exception to the rule. Most platforms available on the market
today are efficient, provided that the team of programmers in charge is all the
same. Sitecore is however a confirmed leader, offering opportunities that go
beyond simple content management.


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The Sitecore Advantages

Positioned in the "Magic Quadrant" and identified by Gartner Group as a leader in the field
of content management systems, Sitecore has an impressive number of features allowing
for compelling online experiences.

digital marketing system

Understand campaign and site performance and gain the
insight you need to improve conversion rates and generate
more engagement through web, email, mobile and social

› Visitor Profiling

› Personalized Content Delivery

› Integrated Analytics and reports

› Web Campaign Configuration
and Measurement

› Multilingual Capabilities

web content management

Delivering unparalleled ease of use, total flexibility and
enterprise-grade capabilities, Sitecore CMS is the
platform of choice for leading companies around the
world, powering more than 32,000 websites.

› User-friendly interface

› Seamless integration of Social networks and mobility

› Managing content without programming knowledge

› Integrated email campaigns

› Simplified management of multilingual sites

› Multi-site deployment

› Multi-platform content delivery
(phones, tablets, web browsers)

Technically speaking…

Sitecore is not only a powerful
marketing tool, it will impress your
CTO and their team.

  • › .NET Architecture
  • › API with over 1,000 classes and 5,000 methods
  • › Native support for VisualStudio
  • › Strong Global Developer Community
  • › Separation of content and presentation
  • › Architecture based on XML content
  • › Data abstraction and integration tools to connect to enterprise legacy systems
  • › SEO-friendly Structure

3,000 global brands are currently powered by Sitecore

Manufacturing companies, retailers, consumer packaged goods corporations... they have chosen Sitecore to create relevant Web experiences that drive results:

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